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Premium Crypto Accelerator 6 MONTHS

Premium Crypto Accelerator 6 MONTHS

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The ULTIMATE Package for anyone looking to get into trading! Learn from the pros and jumpstart your trading career. We can teach you years of information in a fraction of the time.

The Premium Accelerator Membership comes with everything in the basic ALONG with but not limited to:

What You Get:

  • VIP Insider access TO MORE CHANNELS within Discord to connect w/ pro traders
  • Access to StonkBot via TradingView
  • Access to Stonkaholics Academy
  • 20% off Stonkaholics Apparel
  • Real time chart signals & mobile alerts (works in ANY market!)
  • Early signals (works in ANY market!)
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Quick Setup & 24/7 Support
  • Cancel Whenever

Make trading easier with StonkBot!

Built for Traders
StonkBot is a powerful algorithm that connects to private data & plugs into your charts to notify you when it's time to buy or sell in any market and any timeframe.

Also includes
StonkBot provides other tools like auto trendlines, volatility indicators, automatic support & resistance lines, exit alerts, VIP Discord access, and more.

StonkBot works on ANY market, ANYTIME. That includes stocks, crypto, currency, futures, options and more. Signals happen in real time, once a candle closes, and StonkBot never repaints signals.

Never Miss Out 

Get real time alerts on any stock, forex or crypto ticker in any timeframe through Discord, SMS, email, and more.

*The script is updated frequently to ensure the best possible product!*

Stonkaholics VIP Discord
Stonkaholics VIP membership is a great tool to truly take advantage of the market. Membership comes with everything in the basic package plus much more including but not limited to:

- Picks of the week
- Picks of the day
- Charts of the week
- Charts of the day
- Personal technical analysis
- 1-on-1 work with experienced traders
- Early access to YouTube videos before they go public
- Portfolio updates
- Access to paid academy (coming soon!)
- Much more!

This is where you get the most value for your buck. Some of our members see 100%+ gains in as little as a month

Stonkaholics Academy
The BEST tool to learn how to trade from scratch. Academy is filled with videos that are based off my experience as a trader that will never be shared publicly!

Learn about:
- Trading Psychology
- Support & Resistance
- Trend Lines
- Retracements
- Sniper Entries
- Sniper Exits
- Channel Types
- Advanced Strategies

StonkBot and its team members are not registered as financial advisors and hold no formal qualifications to give financial advice. Everything that is provided on this server, on the Stonkaholics website or by StonBot and its team members is purely for educational purposes only. Stonkaholics and its team members are not accountable or liable for any losses or damages. You are responsible for all the risks you take. Any content provided here should not be construed as financial advice. It is important to always use DUE DILLIGENCE when trading
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